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Candidates don’t end up in their dream jobs by chance. Likewise, companies don’t find the perfect employee by idly waiting for them. At Alexander Mae, our approach to recruitment involves three very important Ps.

1. Proactive

Actively sourcing the right jobs and the right people means we’re always in the know about open roles and skilled prospective candidates looking for work. Simply matching a few words from a CV with a job description won’t cut it – you deserve better than that.

2. Personal

In the rush of recruitment, it’s common to forget that you’re dealing with real people – but not at Alexander Mae. We’re individuals just like you, and we’ll always treat you as such. Arranging face-to-face meetings and interviews with prospective employers and candidates is our way of ensuring that both parties benefit from being matched together.

3. Problem solvers

Challenges? We love them. Whether you’re a company that’s been struggling to find the right person for a particularly tricky vacancy or candidate who wants to think big and prepare for landing that elusive dream job, our problem-solving ethos mean we’ll always strive to help you succeed.